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Now are the water-proof ratings on these...

Now are the water-proof ratings on these for real? 20k? I mean I don't expect to NEVER get wet in these but are they worth 300+ dollarz for style and protection? The last review was dumb and didn't give much info..

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yeah it was a really dumb review...the guy was probably complaining because the outer fabric got wet, let me explain.........

Gore tex difeinitly is completley and totally water proof, guarenteed, no matter what. but goretex is kinda like a sandwich, with three layers

...layer one, the outer layer, is just some form of water resistant fabric, nylon, poly, ect. in this case some sort of denim. the outer layer of any gore tex material can get wet, and i'd think that to be especially true with denim...that results in a soggy, wet, nasty sopping effect on the outside

...B-U-T the SECOND layer, thats the real deal, thats where the layer of gore tex is, no matter what, water cannot penetrate through the second layer even if the outer layer is soaked....and the third layer is just a lining for comfort

...so really water wont EVER get through to the rider

...aaaaaaand they retail for 450 because burton likes to overprice novelty items like denim pants, and 3L goretex pants usually retail for none less that 300 bucks. if you are into the style, want to stay dry on the inside but dont mind being soggy on the outside, then these are worth it