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On Burton's website, it states both the...

On Burton's website, it states both the ICS and the regular Feelgood are All Moutain in boards. Every where else says differently. Most places state that the Feelgood is an all mountain board and the Feelgood ICS is a freestyle board. Is there a benefit to the ICS board? I was looking at getting a new All Mountain board, and I figure $50 in price different isnt much so if it was better I might as well. I am debating between the Burton Feelgood and Supermodel. Can someone please help?Also, for bindings I was looking at getting these Burton Escapade EST Snowboard Binding - Women's. Is this good for all moutain boarding?Thanks for any help in advance!

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There is no difference between the Feelgood and the Feelgood ICS... aside from the mounting system. What the ICS offers will affect your stance, not how the board rides. The Feelgood is a stiff board that does well on the groomers and in the pipe. Its just OK in the park, there are much better choices for a park-specific board. The Supermodel is an "all-mountain" board that does well in the backcountry. It has a different angled side wall on the tail of the board (to steer you through powder) and a longer nose (to keep you above the powder). The Escapades are great, I personally rock them on the Feelgood ICS and they offer great support and response.