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Ryan (i see you're a burton rep), how does...

Ryan (i see you're a burton rep), how does this season's Flex 3 liner compare to last season's Flex 2 liner? i rode the Flex 2 in last season's JJ boot, and to be quite honest, it was horrible... just waayyyyyyyy too soft and ended up breaking down on me after only a few days out... i know that the Flex 3 has a few tweaks to it, but do the tweaks really make it stiffer, more supportive, and more durable than the Flex 2 liner? or is it going to be more of the same mush after 5 days on-hill?

thanks for the info; i'm hoping the Flex 3 really is better, because otherwise, the Grail seems to be exactly what i'm looking for.

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Hey there Streblo... Sorry you feel that way about the flex 2 Liner... But to be frank, that JJ boot is way too soft for me to, I like something with a medium Flex.

When considering the liner its just as important to consider the Overall construction/material of the boot. Jeremy's boot is about minimalistic materials with a skate-like look and feel... and ultra soft flex.

The Grail is all performance! I just rode it today for opening day at Brighton, UT... and it is definitely not too soft for me. It is going to break in a bit, but I actually unlaced the top of the boot today as it felt a little stiff when jibbing around. Again, it will break into a softer boot, just not as soft as the JJ. The flex three liner does have the infinifit liner that makes for a better base for the foot bed. Overall, the liner construction is similar (flex 2 to 3). As mentioned above, emphasis should be placed on both the construction of upper and lower of the boot to dial in and adjust the flex.

Some other options might be that you may want to take a look at; Shaun's boot. Its slightly stiffer and has an imprint liner (thus the power panels run up near the top of the boot) Many of Burton (and other companies) Pro's still ride the Shaun White boot because it is a solid performing boot, with a slightly above medium flex.

And from there you can also look into the Ion. Flex here is slightly above Shaun's boot.

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Happy Hunting! Let me know if you have any more questions.


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Hey thanks for the great info and quick reply, Ryan... I actually rode Shaun's boot in 2007. Unfortunately, the air bladder in the sole blew on me somehow. It was a great boot, and super comfy, despite this. But, i did notice that it packed out quite a bit (i'm a 12.5 street shoe and rode a 12 Shaun and after pack-out the Shaun become a little loose even with tightening). I'm digging the park focus of the Grail over the Shaun, so i think i will give these a try this season. But, I had one more question about the Grail concerning sizing and potential for pack-out. Will the new Infinite Liner Sole really prevent pack-out to the extent Burton claims? I was thinking about going with a size 11.5 in the Grail, but would the Infinite Liner Sole warrant me going with a 12 again? I know boot sizing is a tricky game to play, but i just thought i'd see if you had an opinion on it.