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So I want a super soft board, i'm talkin...

So I want a super soft board, i'm talkin like a noodle here. Is this gonna be what I'm lookin for? I just wanna jib, i'm not takin this thing off 60 foot kickers by any means.

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The Artifact is not what you are looking for, it has the reverse camber at the tip and tail which is mainly for popping onto features. If you are looking for a buttery soft board to just play on the hill with, then i'd go with something like the K2 WWW, Capita Horrorscope (which is my job stick) the Signal Park Rocker or the skate bannana

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peakboarder, i dunno if you've ever touched this board or know what the flex is like or even what reverse and positve camber is for that matter, because everything you just said makes no sense, this board is indeed not a noodle but its flex is very similart to the weapon, a skate banana is actully a mid flex board its not a noodle at all. so yes midwest shredder this would be a great board for you but so would the 1985 or weapon

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There are TWO different versions of this board!!! People are seeming to miss that. The Artifact 1985 IS the reverse camber board, and the Artifact is reg camber. Suuuper noodly and so fun in the park. And NO dont go for a Capita!! Because they de-lam like a bitch and you will be pissed when that happens, just like a few of my buddys. And please don't listen to PEAKBOARDER, this person has no clue what they are talking about