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So I've heard a lot of good things about...

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So I've heard a lot of good things about this board, and I'm down to choosing either the 153 PBJ or the 2010 155 Stepchild Jibstick. I like to ride pow and I like to jib, but I'm leaning more towards the PBJ. I'd like to get some feedback on which is the better investment.

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Sup man.
I ride a 153 DC PBJ and it is awesome it is soft for jibs but still has a ton of pop and can still handle pow really well for a board that was made for the park. That being said i did ride and still use a stepchild jib stick form last year and it is a solid board for jibs and street but thats about it.... it really is not useful for any thing other then jibs and small jumps it can not handle pow all that well. So for a over all good board that can handle everything id go PBJ for sure because it kills the hole park.... the jib stick is a fun board but only for jibs and thats it..... hoped that helped

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Yeah, Thanks dude.