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So i'm only really really new at this......

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So i'm only really really new at this... haven't even had a lesson yet... but thought I might get better advice from someone off here, then in the shops trying to sell me something.... i'm 5"5 & 1/2 (every half inch counts...) looking for something for beginners, but be spending the next six months here, so hope to advance a little.... someone told me I would be about a 149cm... what should i look for? would this board be good, or a little too advanced..?

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149 may be a pretty good size based on your height, but size is truly based on weight... Do you mind me asking what you weight? Check the sizing chart up above under where you select your board size as its right on! -- you will want to be keyed more towards the freestyle side as you are a beginner and want to make it as easy to learn as possible. Smaller board means easier to maneuver!

The board you are looking at is the best selling Burton board for a reason. PERFECT STARTER! It will take you from beginner up into intermediate riding and then you will want to upgrade to something with a lil' more aggression :)