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So i'm about 5'7" 135 lbs.. bought this...

So i'm about 5'7" 135 lbs.. bought this board in a 147 along with the matching bindings, (gotta sweet deal on whiskey militia), just wondering if it's the right board for me. I rode a salomon ace 153 (07/08 i think) these past couple of years, so this board is a change. I've boarded for a while but never really got serious til this past year where i kicked it up a notch or two in the park. so i do quite a bit of park riding now but still like to hit kickers, back country, and just ride the whole mountain. wondering if i should stick with this or possibly sell and go with a different board?

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[We have similar stats, 5'7" 145lbs]

You could definitely stick with that board for park riding, but you will be sacrificing overall stability when riding the whole mountain. I ride both a 148 and 152. The 148 is a lot of fun in the park because I can just throw it around, but when it comes time to bombing the slopes, it certainly doesn't have the same control and stability that my 152 has.

If you can afford to keep that and get another board I say keep it, but if you're on a budget, I would get a 151. That size should suit you fine in both areas of your riding.

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What are the matching bindings to this board? I've been looking around for them but can't seem to come across them.