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So, these may even look better than The...

So, these may even look better than The Jeans. but they're even slightly more expensive, but not gore-tex. Could someone compare the performance? These also dont have the jacket to pants zipper, The Jeans have?

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I wanted to get burton "the jeans" bcuz I liked the way they looked more than the Analog Gravels. I ended up buying the Analog Gravel pants for $140 off a different website for the fact that I got them for $140 instead of $270. The website is sold out and I got the very last pair and they were in my size so I was Lucky. They just arrived and these are sick! They fit well and seem like they will be great on the mountain and look great. I havent put them to the test yet but I will b going soon. I almost considered returning them and buying the Burton ones bcuz I liked the way they looked that much more but then I did some research and a lot of people are complaining that they get soaked on a regular day not only with "the Jeans" but most Burton pants. Im a fan of Burton, I ride a Burton and I love it but they got to step their pants game up. Its recomended you dont buy any pants under a 10,000 mm waterproof rating or under a breathability rating of 10,000g and those are both what the Gravel's are. If your looking for the best go with Gore-tex its the best! Hope this all helped. It was all a big lesson for me but now I got my gear and can ball out on the mountain and not worry about getting the right gear bcuz I got the best gear for me! It is hard work finding the best gear for you but the time and energy is worth it to make sure you are dry, warm and comfortable on the mountain. Its the difference between sticking that 540 or a yard sale!

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