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So you cant chose the color? ehh. any...

So you cant chose the color? ehh. any websites you can chose? kinda ruined my whole set-up if i cant get the pink and green one.

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Lib Tech doesn't even let us choose. They just send a bunch and bam! "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get"

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I had this same problem! I love dog funk, but if I was dropping the cash for this I wanted a color I would be stoked on. I called up K5 and told them what I wanted and they shipped it out. Looks way better in person, the base was reversed on mine, black letters and blue and green around it. I'm stuck at PNS too!

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in my opinion color is the least of what u should worry about... just think about how stoked u will be once u get it no matter the color it rides like a champ

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and this would be one of the sole reasons i did not buy my board from dogfunk, that and i needed the 151 narrow and that was not an option!

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yo man if your still looking to pick which color you get go to snowboardconnection.com they tell you the size and color of which you buy.

happy bananaing