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Some people say these bindings are too...

Some people say these bindings are too soft. Does that mean they would be too soft to handle a 60 foot booter?

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I have had my Contacts for two years now and I love them. Smooth, solid flex throughout the straps and high-back. 18% of the binder actually touching the board to allow for a more natural flex of the board. Now this being said, they are softer than the Force's or Data's, but not by an extreme amount. I like to pair mine up with a lil stiffer boot (I have a pair of Lashed and TM2's that I switch up for different nights). I ride mainly park and I hit 50's no problem at all. No wash out, no "omg im way too loose to ride out", none of that. If you mainly hit booters tho, I would say go for the Force's as they will give you that little extra to help out with landings. Ppl also say they are super soft bec they are prob riding a reverse cambered board, with softer boots too. So obv the ride is gonna feel loose and soft bec of all of that. I do not ride a reverse cambered board (Rome Machine), and like I said switch it up from a softer boot to stiffer. You will be good hitting 60's with these tho. Just pair them up with a stiffer boot and you will not wash out. Ps... these are really comfy and a great binder. 'Park specific', yet I take them from park to trees to steeps to bk. Hope this helps bro