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Stumbled onto LibTech board as a rental...

Stumbled onto LibTech board as a rental and loved it. Looking at purchase but not sure what I really need. I'm 5'8" 160. I'm an intermediate rider on groomers and moving into back bowls. No tricks, jumps or other stuff - leave that for the young and fearless. Would this board be overkill for me?

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i dont know about over kill but i would go with some thing else this board is a PARK jib friendly board but it still can sherd the good stuff (powder) just as well but ya i would go with some thing else but if u really want this board i would go with a 159

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you'd be better off with a T Rice or Dark Series, both are all mountain boards and have camber at the tip and tail for high speed stability... although its a sick board the skate banana is more of a park board

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The TRS is a good riding board that's like this board but a bit stiffer and more geared toward riding.

That guy up there suggested the T-Rice and Dark Series but those are actually expert boards with the T-Rice being more geared toward riding directionally and the Dark Series more of a terrain park massive hit machine. At least that's what they are designed arround. You can do whatever you want with them of course but if you feel you will advance fast and become an expert rider soon, then there aren't too many boards that can compare to the TR and DS.

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Oh, also, the Skunk Ape does sound like something that might suit you too. It's what used to be called the "Hard Carving Freestyle" boards which is basically a direction all mountain board. I rode previous years' HCFS and the DS before and I can definately say that going in a single direction and carving...the Skunk Ape "should" be better if it's still sort of the same specs. The DS does faster edge transitions and rides switch better though.