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TO DOGFUNK STAFF!!! Can you guys please...

TO DOGFUNK STAFF!!! Can you guys please order all of these shoes in atleast size 8? i buy most of my supras from you in the past but unfortunately lately you havent been getting any of the hot styles in sizes smaller then a 9 so therefore i have to buy them somewhere else. Not everyone has a large foot but i love supporting your website but i cant continue if you dont stock a variety of sizes. All of the new styles of supra that you just put up on the site all come in sizes ranging from 4 to 15 ... so you can get them. PLEASE order and think of us smaller feet people!!!

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This is a great suggestion and we certainly will take it into consideration. Unfortunately we can't please everybody out there. We are doing a better job of ordering certain styles in the smaller sizes but all in due time. Looking into the new year, you should see some of our best selling styles in the smaller, and even larger sizes from the majority of our brands. Which brands, styles, and colors would you wish to see these sizes and what size are you looking for?

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Thanks for your quick response...i spoke to one of your buyers a few months ago and he told me that you would be ordering more 8's in the furture..Im looking for the Supra TK Society purple and gold in a size 8 and also the supra tk society in black and white full grain leather in 8. They are brand new and you just put them up but all of them are larger sizes. I only rock SUPRA...so no other brand will do.