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Thanks Dean. I did look at the Solomon...

Thanks Dean. I did look at the Solomon Malamute and the Rome Folsom, both of which look stiffer than the Imperial. I just didn't want to end up with too stiff of a boot in trying to help the gimpy ankle issue. While I am not a park rider, I like to be a fairly dynamic all mountain rider.

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Honestly I use the Malamute for everyday riding... its tough to really tweek the grab out because of the stiffness (if thats your MO), but I never have any issues when I need it to respond, that's whats most important to me... and the comfort... they say stiff, but don't be deceived into thinking ski boot stiff...

Another feature that the Malamute will have over the others to help your ankle is there is a strap inside that is designed to hold your heal in (its about a 1 inch strap with velcro on one end and is fixed on one side of the heel to the boot sole and wraps over the top of the ankle and through a "D" ring loop stitched into the sole on the other side of the heel and then falls back and velcros to the boot liner at the shin)... I can drop a picture if you want...

Also with BC's return policy you can't go wrong on giving any of them a try!