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Thinkin about buyin these in a 9. Wondering...

Thinkin about buyin these in a 9. Wondering if they're pretty low profile? Have some Vans now and not a fan of how bulky they are in comparison to other boots and looking for something sleeker.

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They are one of the lower profile boots on the market. 32 makes very compact boots with great technology. I have owned many other boots and I find that the 32 boots are one of the lowest profile boots I have owned. I have had multiple pairs of the 32 lashed boot and they fit great and feel very comfortable.

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They are a relatively low profiled boot in comparison to most out there. BUT you have to look at the width of the tread/sole. The Lashed are on the of the widest treads out right now and some people complain about the fit in the cage of the binding. I have this problem aswell with my Lashed, but because I ride a L/XL binder, it fits a little better. The TM2's are a skinier profiled boot and are slimmer in the toe box, and they fit better in my binders rather than my Lashed. But I switch them up from park to all mountain days. True to size and they pack out a good amount depending on how much you ride. I have ridden Lashed for 2 years now and my TM2's for a year and the pack out is greater on the Lashed than the TM2's. I ride 100+ days a year, so I put a good amount of abuse on my gear. But I have no problems with my Lashed and they are a great boot. Hope this helps bro

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yeah 32's is a super low profile boot