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Gear Question

What does people think about a 6'2" riding...

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What does people think about a 6'2" riding a 155 wide board? mainly park. It's not too short... or IS IT?

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No it's not too short. Board's are mostly based off of your weight not hight. Don't get me wrong though, hight still matter's but not as much as weight. If you look at the stats for the forum chilly the weight class for the 155 wide is around 160lbs. you can be more or less, but that is the general riding weight. The reverse camber enables you to rock a shorter board. This is because of the longer edge you get with reverse camber. So a 155 reverse camber is the same or equivilent to a 157/158

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It's all up to your weight, How much do you weigh? Let us know and we can give you a better answer.

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I weigh about 170 pounds.

Thanks for the answer Jacob Roberts. It helps alot! Think im getting this sweet board!