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What size should i buy 150 or 154? im...

What size should i buy 150 or 154? im 5'8" 135lbs im not sure which size will suite me best.

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150 might be too short if you're still growing. It'll be easier to control either way, but you can get a few more seasons out of the 154 probably.

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Yea thats the thing. I don't think im growing height wise anymore im 23 but as far as weight i might put on a few pounds. So this is where im torn between the 2 sizes. I ride a 152 currently.

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I would go for the 154, your height should balance out the board. You weight will effect the control a bit, but you should be able to tackle that if you have good handling on the slopes.

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yeah, 154 is probably the best bet. However, you can ride rocker 2+ CM shorter than your normal board.

If you ride mostly park go 150... If you ride all over the place go 154.

Either way, your gonna shit, as this board is unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yea i ride everywhere pretty much, some days its the mountain others im in the park. but i think i can manage controlling the 154 easily. With that being said i think im gana go with the 154. Thanks for everyones opinions. very helpful