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What size should i get?? I'm 5'11" and...

What size should i get?? I'm 5'11" and weigh 150 lbs with a size 13 boot. I've been snowboarding and skating over ten years now (surfing 4 yrs) so balance is not a problem. I ride park about 80% of the time. I've heard they ride large for their size so that's why i'm hoping to get an owner's opinion. thanks

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I don't own this board but know and ride with a number of people who do. With a boot that big you need a board with a waist of 260mm or larger to make sure you're not catching your toes when you turn or land. That would lead to either a 153 wide or 156 wide, the 159 wide is too long for your weight considering how often you ride the park. Some people, like me, lean towards a shorter board, and others like a longer board. If you specialize in jibs get the 153, if you consistently hit jumps over 30 or 40ft or so you might want the added stability of the 156. Unless you hit huge jumps I'd be inclined to put you on the 153 wide, with banana you have a longer effective edge and with magnetraction you have plenty of edge to grip the snow on a landing. That is what I would do, but it all comes down to personal riding style and preferences. Good luck picking a size.