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Whats up with narrow boards? are there any...

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Whats up with narrow boards? are there any advantages( specifically jib wise)? Ive been riding wider boards for the past 8 years but i only run a size 9.5 boot, up here in the northwest we ride sketchy terrain even when theres no pow... so whats up with narrow decks?

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Some people just like to ride a slimmer deck, so some companies have adapted this into their line-up of boards. For most, its easier to get a more narrow board around. I ride a wide deck(Rome Machine) and when I jump on a mid-wide its like a whole other world lol. So really its just personal prefernece, but with a narrower board plus the reverse camber, it will definately be sketchier at higher speeds. Altho it does have magne-traction and that tech really does work wonders when you're bombing a run. It is a park specific deck tho, aaand you prob wont be goin mach 20 anyways down the mountain. So realistically you prob wont notice much of a difference other than the transition from toe to heel will be a quicker turn over. But really, smaller feet=narrower board

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It's not park-specific, Sammy Leubke rocks that shit down everything in the pow