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Which is the warmest material? Polyester...

Which is the warmest material? Polyester/spandex blend or Merino wool? I ski and do los of sports, but I need max warmth as I have been diagnosed w/ severe circulatory problems leaving me w/ frostbite and quick onset of these symptoms. Idon't want to have to quite skiing, snowboarding etc... I just need to stay on top of my warmth and then I will be fine... Also what would you reccommend for just daily long underwear during our winter? Silk? Something that I can wear under my regular blue jeans etc...

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In my opinion merino wool is a little warmer than synthetics, but it is wool's other properties that made the decision for me. Merino feels thin when worn, but with layers it is amazing. It also breathes very well and, amazingly enough, seems to adjust with the temperature. For example, I wear a merino light jacket in temperatures ranging from the low 40s to the mid 70s and feel comfortable. The best thing about merino is that it has the great ability to keep the stink at bay. This may sound gross, but I can go for a week in the mountains with a couple merino shirts and come home smelling like a rose where I need at least one synthetic for each day. As you can tell I really like merino, but I truly believe that it is a miracle material. The one thing that may be a downer is that merino will be a little more expensive than synthetics. Hope this helps.