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With flow bindings, what type of boots are...

With flow bindings, what type of boots are recommended? I have heard that the softer boots are better than the standard. Is this true?

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i recommend not getting flow at all.. i ride them now and wish i had never bought them.. unless you are on perfectly flat snow its just about impossible to get in and out of them and the face plate is very hard to adjust on mountain. don't buy them!

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they seem awsome the fact that they seem faster to put on. but i agree with the other guy i just bought some and they are at times harder to put on. i wouldent buy them. but of you still want them get a softer boot a little easyer to get into.

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Jason, the only reason I would personally recommend a softer boot is that the part of the binding that covers your foot is a single rigid piece and not two separate flexible ones. The hate posts above that obviously came from the same person... are a little uncalled for. You can put these on the regular way or from the back, you have the choice (although the front is a bit tough to get into), and if you have any sense of balance at all, the one second it takes to get into these is more than enough on any slope. Usually the faceplate is not an issue as you dont touch it unless you get into these from the front.

When I rocked flow bindings in the past, an issue I had is getting out of them, as you have to be standing or go down awkwardly on your knees. Some of my friends praise the k2 cinch bindings as you have a combination of straps and the flow ez back. (in my opinion there are a few too many moving parts to make them reliable, but that is just a personal opinion)

Also bootwise, make sure that the sole of the boot at the back has a smooth transfer from the boot to the sole. I say this because I ruined a perfect pair of Liquid boots with my flows because they tend to get caught on the part of the sole that sticks out.