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Write your question here...Please help....

Write your question here...Please help. Im a beginner-intermeidate rider (as a matter of fact, ive never been to the park) but i'd love to learn. Im 5'11 200-205 11.5 boot size do i need a 160 or 161W board. This is will be my first board ever. Its between machete or manic...?

Any suggestions please?

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For your first board ever you won't be going fast enough to need a lot of stability. You'll want maneuverability to advance in the park and on the rest of the mountain. I would recommend a length of 155 to 158cm. Don't worry about the weight charts they come out with, I'm about your weight and ride a 152 most of the time. You won't break the board, it will just flex more than the listed flex (example: a flex of 5 for a board designed for a 180lbs person might flex 4 for a 200lbs person). Your height means nothing in selecting a board. The board doesn't respond to your height, but your weight. 200lbs is 200lbs whether your 5' 11'' or 4' 6''. As far as width you may need a wide, but at least a waist width of 152mm or larger. I always recommend short boards for beginners-lower level intermediates as they are much easier to learn how to initiate a turn on. Good luck.