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Write your question here...which is the...

Write your question here...which is the better snowboard boot the thirty two focus boa woman's or the thirty two lock?

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The Lock Boa has a flex rating of 5 on 32's scale while the Focus boa has an 8. So, the Focus will be significantly stiffer and have a longer break in time. The difference really lies in the liners, the Focus has 32's level 4 Fit System liner which has better heel retention than the Lock's level 2 liner. The Focus Boa is for more of a season-long rider while the Lock provides an out of the box fit that feels good, it will break down faster and won't accommodate a more seasoned rider. The footbed in the focus is way more supportive too. I'd ask your self a few Q's first; how many days are riding a year? if your answer isn't more than 15, and your skill level is beginner to intermediate, I'd get the Lock. If you're a seasoned vet and/or don't mind putting in time to let your feet mold to your boot for a boot that will in the end, have a longer life to it. The fact that you even wanted to draw a comparison and not choose by colors and aesthetics alone is good. Also keep in mind Dual Boa enables you to custom dial in the tension you want on the top and bottoms of your boot with the Focus, the Lock only has one boa.