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Yo, I was wondering about the cord for...

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Yo, I was wondering about the cord for these headphones. I find in the majority of in-ears, the cord has terrible sound transmission, i.e. if it moves against your shirt or anything you can hear it through the phones. Can anyone comment on this for me? Cuz that pretty much ruins the listening experience unless you're sitting on your ass.

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u get that transmission through all skullcandies, u just gotta get used to it

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i just picked up some of these and took em out for a day of boarding at the local mtn. and there was none of that with this cord its wrapped in aluminum and plastic over aluminum so you dont really notice anything except the music... overall great product

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Garrett is on a few different drugs. The only transmission I've ever experienced was the old Titan buds that had the huge metal bead in the middle of the cord that transmitted every little bump. Other than that the wires on all other models are fine. I would know, I have owned over seven pairs.