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Your description for this cargo box says...

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Your description for this cargo box says 1200 cubic feet, yet the options available are a silver 1600 and black 1800, which I believe refer to the cubic feet size. I need to be absolutely sure about the dimensions before I buy this. Can someone check and get back to me please?

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You're right about that, the only ones left in stock are the 1600 and 1800, whereas dimensions are given for the 1200. You should get on Live Chat and have them check the dimensions in the warehouse for you. However, I can guarantee you that the sizes are not given in cubic feet. 1800 cubic feet is (for example) 10 x 6 x 30, which is a school bus. I don't know what they are (120, 160, 180 L perhaps?) but they're not cubic feet.Hey Lori,I spoke to the folks on live chat a few days ago about this same thing. The 1800 is 18 cu ft. and the 1600 is 16 cu ft. The dimensions for the 1600 are 84x35x17. Hope that helps.