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any problems with that new toe strap? it...

any problems with that new toe strap? it looks a little flimsy from the pics. it looks like i might have some problems with keeping those toe strap "slivers" where i want them. but who knows, i haven't seen them in person and they could be great...

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Hey Streblo,
I got these bindings a few months back and even I was a little skeptical about getting them. I got these after riding Contrabands for a few years, and they are very similar if not better than Contrabands. The problem I have had with Contrabands is that they have never really tightened down my toes as much as I want. I got the Uprise's because they were a good price and I still wanted the one strap system. After getting them and setting them up to my boots and board, I found them to be an excellent upgrade from my Contra's. They hold down my toes very well and it is a simplistic yet advanced binding. They have canted footbeds like the Contra's which for me, is a MUST! I haven't had a single problem with the toe strap. It is not flimsy, and it is light! The only thing that I am wary about is that the chasis is made of plastic and not metal. While this reduces weight, I will have to see how well they hold up. I wouldn't be skeptical about getting these. If you get them and end up not liking them, send em back to Dogfunk and get a full refund. Hope it all works out for ya!