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are these durable?... cause im pretty tough...

are these durable?... cause im pretty tough on headphones

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I had a pair for about a year and they worked great up until I lost the sound in one ear. I'll admit I'm pretty rough on gear, but for the price I was expecting a little more durability.

*WARNING* Don't lose any of the silicone ear pieces. Skull Candy doesn't sell just the ear pieces and they won't replace them if they get lost. Therefore, you'll be stuck either dropping another 40-50$ for a new set of head phones or getting really creative with some craft foam (which I can say from experience is not as much fun as it sounds!)

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I have been told the ear buds and headphones are returnable/replaceable if they get broken. Is that So?

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yeah, if you break skullcandys and its your doing they will pay half of what new ones cost. if they break and its not your fault they got you covered. but they have a strong cord and seem well built.

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Magpie85 is wrong about having to buy new head phone for lost ear gels. I have a pair of FMJ's and lost the silicone ear gels. I ordered a whole new pack of medium ear gels from Skull Candy. In fact, because my order was late they threw in another pack for free. Also, if Skull Candy doesn't have the ear gels, I have seen them on ebay.