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can i ride a 152cm board if i am 5'10" and...

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can i ride a 152cm board if i am 5'10" and were a size 10 in boot with a large binding, also can i put them on a 152cm board and not have to worry about toe drag

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You're more looking towards the width of the board. Most boards that have a waist width of less than 248-250, will not support L bindings(unless you have the binding tweaked smaller to fit the deck, but your boot prob wont fit the set-up). Also length of board really depends on weight rather than height. So seeing as this is a mid-wide, it shouldn't be a problem for you with L binders. And yes you can ride the 152. Im 6' 165 and I ride a 154w. Also with reverse camber boards it allows you to technically ride up to 5cm shorter than a reg cambered deck. Hope this helps brotha

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You will be golden!
This is a mid-wide waist width and will support a large with 10's no problem as long as you have about 12+ degree angles on each foot.