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can this board go in powder too? can it...

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can this board go in powder too? can it handle the mountain or just the park because i like both and may go to colorado. can the HATE handle it?

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Is it an ideal powder board? No, but it will ride fine in pow. It's a real soft board but the v rocker provides amazing float in the pow (I used to have a burton hero and it was like a cadillac in the pow). My experience with the softer v rocker boards is that it is real nice in the park, nice in the pow, and a little sketchy on anything hard packed. If you're on nice groomed snow its all good, but anything icy you really have to work to dig in an edge. So long answer short the board will handle anything you throw at it. It won't be ideal for every condition, but if you can handle the terrain the board can. I wouldn't get this board unless you spend more than half you're riding time in the park though. If you ride a lot just around the mountain and dabble in the park here and there you'll probably want something a little stiffer.

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Justin is right, it can ride in powder but it is made to be used on handrails in the street. It is super soft and flexible. Usually powder boards have a stiffer tail that allows you to drive through you turns.