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does this board really have the pop of the...

does this board really have the pop of the normal non-reverse camber artifact? i feel like since it is reverse camber, it wont be as poppy.

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reverse camber boards naturaly have less pop than camber boards, but it sounds like this is about as good as it gets for pop on RC boards

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From my understanding, it's got more pop then the standard Artifact. And that is because of the carbon Rome put in the tip and tail of the 1985. My brother loves his 1985, his favorite board he has ever been on.

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Not true Cyrus Baumgarten.... it depends on the manufacturer. For instance I'm riding the Ride Crush, and it is probably stiffer than the DH if it was a cambered board, but since it is RC, it flexes right, and has crazy amounts of pop. From what I've heard the Artifact 1985, as well as the Crush, have carbon in the tip and tail in some form or the other (idk what form Rome has, but Ride uses the crossing stringers). One thing you will lose is edge hold vs. a cambered board, unless you get into the Never Summer EVO with the combination RC and regular camber. Just make sure you read up on the board you are looking to buy, I've had Rome and loved it, and I love my Ride, Forum and Technine are coming out with their own Reverse Camber designs for the 09/10 season so keep an eye out for those because they are probably dank as hell, I would recommend staying away from the Signal Park Rocker though, that thing is just goofy (way too much RC, to the point that the board doesn't flatten out when you stand on it).