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hey guys i just got my board ysterday from...

hey guys i just got my board ysterday from my mom but i needs waxed and buffed plus i need bindings for it i dont know anything anout boarding wat should i get?

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well what brand of board is it? and if its a burton channel board you'd have to get est's or retro discs. its usally a good bet to match board and binder brands, but you don't have to, for example i ride a burton ELFV with technine binders.

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Its always best to get bindings of the same company that your deck is, altho I do not. But with Burton they are kinda made so that the board has a better feel if your set-up is all the same company. But just like connor said, if you have a channel board then you need the ICS or EST bindings. Whitch means that the board you have has a cut out of it running parallel with the board where your bindings will attach. If you have that kind of board then you need to get a pair of ICS or EST bindings by Burton, and these are not them. But I would honestly tell you to get a pair of Union Bindings. You will not find a better company out as of now, in my opinion and A LOT of people will agree with me. Check em out if you're not rockin a channel board