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hey i was wondering what size i should get...

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hey i was wondering what size i should get right now i have a pair of 9.5 burton tributes and i normally wear size 8 shoes so shat size of these thirtytwo boots should i get?

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32 are pretty true to size all across the board. So if you rock a size 8 shoe, then thats pretty much what you should get. I dont know how Burtons fit, as I do not buy Burton, but the best bet would be to get to a shop and try on a pair of 32's. They are similar all across their line up, so really fitting is the same for almost all of the boots. Prime's are wider in the foot box, Lashed are wider tread, TM2's are slimmer but fit true to size and so are the Prospects. So get to a shop and try on a pair, that will give you a better idea. Because 1.5size jump from your shoes to your Burtons is HUGE, and you usually size down when buying boots. But standard, they all are pretty true to size compared to your shoes. I have a size 12 shoe and I ride an 11.5-12 depending on the the boot. Hope this helps bro