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hey im 5'9'' 140-145 lbs and i want to go...

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hey im 5'9'' 140-145 lbs and i want to go small cos i'll be doing mostly park and not really big jumps..47 or 49??thanks

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i would say 149

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Supp bro,, i'm about 5'10"/170lbs,, i'd say that we'd be almost the same size so i'm just gonna give you a lil advice,, the shortest board that i rock is a 153,, i'd get the 151 if i were you just cuz it gets real short once you start jibbin' the 140s,, but then again,, that's my own personal opinion,, unless you want a board strickly for park,, get a 151,, hope this helps..//

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to nw ninja: hey dude thanks for the advice, but you got a good 30 pounds on me, so we are not really the same size... the 147 and 49 are not even in your weight range..height has nothing to do with it. and yes i want this board for jibbing and small jumps, maybe some mellow cruising while fucking around..anyways 49 or 47 i figured it will make no difference with just 2cm and 5 pounds difference in weight range, so i got the 47 cos i like the colors better..thanks everyone!!