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hey im 5.6 135 pounds and 14 still growing...

hey im 5.6 135 pounds and 14 still growing and i like my boards s little bit longer so would the 153 be a good siz????? and how is the reverse camber on this board since its jib reverse camberunlikew the banana the other board im looing at not sure which is a better choice... how it is powder also???

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With your weight (the most important factor when choosing size in a board) you could get away with either the 147, 150 or 153. Sure there's a big difference between those three sizes. So, as you stated you like to ride powder AND you're still growing- eliminate the 149cm. Now, which will you be riding more, Pow or park? If the answer is park, go with the 150, 153 if you like pow more. The 153 will still be able to hit rails and jumps just fine, so don't be afraid to choose this bigger size. As far as camber goes Rome puts it like this " A flat profile between the feet and 5mm reverse camber from inserts to contact points for locked-on rail tricks and a buttery, easy-to-press feel". Comparing that to Lib's Skate Banana which is rocker between the feet and flat underneath, you can imagine how different it might feel. The important part is that your contacts points will be out of the snow unless you're on edge. The Artifact is a fun board, ride it and see why many are buying this board year after year. Hope that helped.