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hey question these or the 390's OR the...

hey question these or the 390's OR the ride rvolt witht he skate banana?

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i'd go with the Forces bro,, i've been rockin' Ride ever since i started to shredd and upgraded to the Forces,, if ur lookin' for an all mountain binder thats super friendly in the park as well,, go with these,, they got a lifetime baseplate warranty and the features that make up this binder is siick,, check out the clips posted on this page to get the 411 on these binders,, you won't regret ur decision bro,, hope this helps..//Go Get IT!!!

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Definately go for the Force's. You get a better built, comfier, and bombproof binding when you go with Union. Plus you will pay close to $60 MORE for the 390's, and its not a better product than Union. Not bashing Rome, seeing as I ride a Rome Machine, but for bindings its Union or nothing for me now. Just like Nw Ninja I also upgraded from Ride's to Union's and never looked back since. Trust me when I say that these binders will last you a long time and investing in Union is a SUPER smart decision. Especially when you thrash you gear like I do and you dont wanna spend loot on gear every winter. Never break, lifetime warranty on base plates, and the company is just dope. Pick them up and you will agree with us when we say that Union is the new Bently of binders. Union for lifeeee!!!