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hi i brought a 156 board and i am 6.2 tall...

hi i brought a 156 board and i am 6.2 tall and have size 13 feet i have union force 2011 bindings on my board and i have about 1inch of over hang on the front and the back of my board i have my binding on 21 at the front and 18 at the back i ask the guy at the store when i brought the board but he rekons a normal size board would work and i would have no toe drag. should i change the board for a wide or will a normal be fine?? thanks

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haha you are the same height and foot size as me. I went with the 156 wide and i also have the 2011 union forces on my board. Its all up to you on the toe drag. If its a major problem then you might wanna go with the wide, i love mine and i have no toe drag with size 13 feet.

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If you can ride it without your toes catching then your fine. If your toes do catch your much better off the get a wide. I have had a board where my toes were catching 3 or 4 times a run. That just makes riding no fun.