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Im looking in to buying my first...

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Im looking in to buying my first pair of proper ski goggles but theres so many brand and types that i have no clue were to start and in desperate need of some help! from everything i have looked at iv got it down to oakley but not sure what type or lens to go for the a frame and splice look like the best but im not sure what what one would be best for me. so any pro skiers out there that know ur shizz about goggles please help me:D

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Hey, i got a ton of different goggles and been snowboarding for a while. I would say the splice are a great pair and I am buying a pair next pay check. Dont think you need a pair of polarized ones quite yet. They would cut glare big time but you can always buy a polarized lens down the road.

I would say look at the non-polarized version. Buy a pair with a persimmon lens or Hi Yellow and then an iridium type lens for brighter days. The persimmon will work in all light conditions but it is always nice to have a lens for brighter conditions. And the splice is going for bout 100 bucks, which is pretty good. Oakleys are solid and I have had no probs with my old pair. I have a pair of Smiths too which I love as well.

Have fun