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how does thirtytwo's sizing compare to...

how does thirtytwo's sizing compare to burton's. my old boots are size 9, would it be the same?

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The men's boots are about the same in size so I recon it would be the same for women's. They do however have different fit (the 32 is a bit wider with more room for your toes) so I'd recommend trying one on before buying.

I was choosing between the Burton Ion and the 32 Ultralight when I bought mine. They felt quite similar. The 32 has room for a "custom fit" toe program so they are a bit more roomy in the front. A boot like this with heat molding will in any case adapt quite nicely to your foot so there is no problem with going .5 size down from a loos fitting boot. For comparison I use 9.5 in Burton, 32 and DC.

Both Burton and 32 has excellent build quality that last many seasons. Most 32 will hover get softer faster than most Burton. I personally feel you get more bang for your buck with the 32.

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I wear a 32 size 5, and a burton size 6. It depends on the model you are trying on, because the toe box can make or break a size depending on your foot shape. 32 does fit quite a bit wider, but not as drastically for girls as they are for guys.