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i just received my ninja suit, and im sure...

i just received my ninja suit, and im sure im going to like .... but! Who goes number 2 without going number 1? A man can't possibly do this while sitting down and the suit doesn't allow it hmmm ... serious question by the way

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A man can maneuver himself to aim into the toilet while seated. There's enough room to arrange the proper angle of the dangle if you unzip the waist all the way.

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I call it the tuck and squirt! Step one: unzip the waist zip and pull any under layers down enough. Step two: as you squat or sit, tuck your man member downward. Maybe a little difficult the first time, but proficiency is quickly achieved with a little practice.

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Ahh, the good ol' tuck 'n squirt.

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Why don't you just go #1 before you go #2? Problem solved....unless of course, #2 is actually the real #1 when we go "#2". Is it not? After all, whenever I go #2, 99 percent of the time I immediately follow up with #1. I've probably just confused most people reading this, who didn't think I'd turn a review comment thread into a philosophical discussion...but there it is anyway. Deal with it...or provide a pithy response. The latter is preferred.

Keep on having fun.