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i recently picked up a pair of these and...

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i recently picked up a pair of these and am woried that they are to stiff. wil these get a lot more flexy with use, or do they stay the same as out of the box. also will these have enough flex for park? i had the burton moto before, and i liked the flex on that. a little more stiffnes than the moto wouldnt be bad but i don't want a lot more than the moto had. baisicaly will these be good for park? will they break in with use?

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bend them with your hands stand on em and bounce up and down. they certainly loosen up. once you've got these boots broken in you're going to love em...wear them around beat em up a bit. trust they get flex with a little work but they are definitely going to be more stiff than ur motos.

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dont worry about boots being too stiff. i recently moved from 32 lashed, which are incredibly soft, to burton hails, which are a lot stiffer. i usually ride soft boots, stiff is sooo much better. just get used to their stiffness, you'll love it