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i was just wondering, the picture of the...

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i was just wondering, the picture of the black denim slim fit doesn't look like the slim fit when compared with the picture of the black corduroys. will they (denim) come as they appear in the picture? or will they come in the same fit as the cords (the website just couldn't find a stock photo of the slim in denim)

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The true black cord is going to be darker than the denim. The true black denim is a bit lighter than the black cord but still black. It is a lighter black denim.

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i wasnt asking about the color so much as the fit. the picture above of the cords looks much slimmer than the picture of the denims, which look like the sig fit. i was wondering if this is because dogfunk jus couldnt find a stock photo of the denims in the slim fit, or if they mislabelled the sig fit denims as slim ones. i just dont want to pay for one thing and get something else

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yeah sometimes the "real life" pics don't look as good as the stock pics... if you go to korea's or japan's google sites (google.kr, google.jp) and do a search of "burton pistol pant" you'll find some real life pictures. i find that shops in korea and japan do a good job of showing how outerwear will actually look on people (for instance, i found this - http://www.bestsnowboard.co.kr/shop/shopdetail.html?branduid=49737 and the denims definitely look slim). if i was you, i would just purchase the pants and if you don't like them, return them... dogfunk has an excellent return program.

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The denim fits a lot slimmer then it looks in the pictures. They fit pretty Close to the outline of your body and then flare more from the knees down to fit over your boots. If you like skinny jeans or straight legs you'll love these pants.

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Its beacause they come in two fits the slim and the regular and they are just showing both.