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i weight like 125 and am 5'4 what size...

i weight like 125 and am 5'4 what size would i be and would this be a good board for someone who is an intermediate rider try to get better at rails and stuff?

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Yeah boy it is. It has the FK design in this board, whitch means that this board is made with rocker that extends from inside the binding inserts to the tip and tail. So you get a poppy yet buttery ride, whitch is more forgiving and has a less catchy feel while riding it. With most rocker boards they allow you to ride up to 5cm shorter than you reg sized board. So because the boards tips are raised, it is less catchy and allows for more float in the deep stuff. For your size tho, I would say get the 149. But if you think you will be growing mad quick, then go for the 151. Either one you will be stoked on. And if you are intermediate, this deck will boost your confidence a ton to get at those more advanced features of the mt. Awesome flex, solid ride and not too washy at higher speeds, and made by a solid company. Capita had problems with de-laming of their top sheets in a super fast time, and unfortunately it still seems that they still have this problem. Hope this helps :)