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i'm 5'10 135-140 lbs, i wear a size 11.5...

i'm 5'10 135-140 lbs, i wear a size 11.5 boot large bindings of course, i ride basically all park, my delima is will the 148 drag my toes and should i get the 152 or will i be fine with the 148?

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actually i asked the question down below, but with 11.5 you'll probably be dragging. i ride at snocompton (summit at snoqualmie, wa) and we get plenty of slush which grabs at toes like no ones business. the average cut off point for anything smaller than a 150 is normally 10.5 - 11. check your current deck, google knows all, and see what kind of waist width it has and compare it to the www. if it's a huge difference in size then it probably wont work out for ya bro. otherwise you'll find yourself where i am now. is .2cm a huge change? probably not, but better to be on the safe side and ask for opinions than be toe draggin like a neanderthal.

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With size 11.5 you def will be dragging. You are now getting into wide decks with that boot size. Just to be safe I would look at the wide version of this deck. I think you can get a 151W in it, and that will still be super playful for you in the park and not overly huge to ride