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i'm 5'2 130 pounds will the 149 be to...

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i'm 5'2 130 pounds will the 149 be to big.

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depending on what your style of riding is, whether it be hitting jumps and rails or bombing groomers . . .if you like to play around and jib about, I would say the 149 is a bit long. It definitely would be for me at least.
I am 5'2 and 110 lbs and I ride the 143- which is lots of fun for laps in the park. It is jibbery, super light and soft, real easy to spin and stomp landings. just to note, I felt that the pop on this board was a little weak and that you really have to work for it (my other ride being a bstreet, I was used to getting pop like nothing), but ride it more and more and everything is all gravy.
Also just to keep in mind- this is a softer flexy parky board, so if you're looking for something to go fast and hard on, this board might feel weird at high speeds, but probly still fun if you get it in a bigger size bc then it will be long, fast, and soft so you can playplayplay whenevs :)