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i'm a 12-12.5 street shoe and about a 11.5...

i'm a 12-12.5 street shoe and about a 11.5 Burton boot... so i got the Lashed in 11.5 and right out of the box, the fit is pretty decent already (and without heat molding yet)... my toes are feathering the front of the liner standing straight up and they've got some room to wiggle up and down, but unless i crank the laces down, i get some heel lift... so my question is how much will the Lashed pack out? Enough that I should really size down to an 11.0 or will 11.0's be unbearably tight?

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I'm on my second pair of 32 boots (both TM-2), my experience is that they fit very true to size and don't pack out much (less than 1/2 size).
If you wear a 12-12.5 street shoe, I think getting the 11.0 would be a mistake.

They'll probably be pretty snug on first session or two. Get them heat molded before you ride them, if you're already sizing down, the shhop might have toe caps that you can put on before you mold them that will stretch out the liner a little bit more.

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The Lashed fit pretty true to size. I have had a few pairs of 32's in the past and i've gone in both directions of packing out and staying true. With my Prospects, they packed out almost a full size(i wear a size 12 boot and they packed out to almost a 13). With my Lashed, they did not really pack out much, but I beat my boots up a lot so I had to get a new pair of boots for this season.This season I rode the TM-2's and I have to say that they were a little snug a first(slimmer style of 32's line up) but packed out just slightly to feel like the perfect boot. All-in-all, the Lashed are a great boot, but def do not go down too many sizes, they won't pack out that much. I live by 32 boots and they are really the only boot I put on me feets to shred. And also I did not heat mold them, I broke them in and let them conform naturally