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i've got a size 10 boot and i way in at...

i've got a size 10 boot and i way in at 135. i'm leaning towards the 148 but i'm worried about toe drag..
also, would a 148 be able to handle big tables or should i get a 152.

trying to decide between this and the youngblood.
thanks a bunch

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Because of the your foot size, go with the 152. you don't weigh that much, but your feet are too big for the 148. The hate is going to be super soft. The youngblood will give you more pop and snap, if you just want to jib in the street, go with the hate. If you liek to mess around in the park and street go with the yougblood.

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well i would go with the young blood in the 148 if i were u but i dont really like burton that much but u should be good on either one as far as toe and heal drag go. as far as the tables u should be ok for tables on the 148 if u are used to riding a bigger board it might take a day or two too get used to the size. IN SHORT go 148 in either board and u will be happy with ur choice

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Forget the hater below... Either board will stoke you out! I would agree with Lyman -- 152 to avoid the drag... the 148 waist is a bid too narrow. And Lyman is on point with the flexes.