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im 5 foot 4 inches and im 105 pounds and...

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im 5 foot 4 inches and im 105 pounds and i wear a size 10 boot what is a good size

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what kind of riding do you plan on doing

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I'm going to be all over the mountain but
mostly the park

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I would get a 151 or 152. The reason being is that if your not purely into park riding, meaning you wanna go all mountain, your going to need a bigger board. The only problem is your weight vs boot size. You got a very big foot for your weight. I have the same problem. Im 5 6 120 and have size 11 boot. I ride a 150 and it fits me just fine. I ride the park pickle though. These boards are very similar. I would go with that for now. You should grow into it but 1 or 2 cm wont affect you greatly

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yo billy...For park riding size down and for pow size up...im going to assume you've never bought a board before...your 5/4 so i think the smallest size that they offer....also you might want to take a quick look at the sizing chart DF offers