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im also wondering about size. im 5'11 165...

im also wondering about size. im 5'11 165 and i currently ride a rome anthem 158. im stuck between 157 and 154. i would like to go 154 for a little more control in the park, but this is gonna be a one board quiver so i need it to float in the pow and be stable at speed. any thoughts? 54 or 57?

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Hey man id go with the 157, im 155lbs and i ride the 154 but if your doing alot of park riding you could go with the 154. Keep in mind tho that lib boards ride smaller than what they say, so the 157 is more like a 155. Its gonna float great in the pow either way cuz of the btx.

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What up bud. I'm 6 feet 160 lbs, and have ridden both the 54 and 57. I had the same question as you this season-- which size to buy? I chose the 57 because like the other dude said, it rides like a shorter board. Also, the 57 is a bit stiffer in the tail so it's less likely to wash out on big landings (a common problem with rocker boards). Go with the 57.. it will slay the jibbies, press easy, but have the length and stiffness to hold a line and get stompy reeling in the big landings.