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im going to earn around $2000 this summer,...

im going to earn around $2000 this summer, and i was wondering what is the very best all around board that money could buy for a 14 year old?? 80% of the time im riding im in park/pipe..

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Well first off don't get real caught up in price. I've ridden cheap boards that I like better than expensive ones. Also boards like the capita stairmaster are cheap but very, very good (most of capita's sponsored riders ride the damn things quite a bit and they are the cheapest board they make). Also, you're 14. You're going to get taller and heavier, so don't go blow $800 on a set up just to have it be too small to ride in a few years. So, boards I would check out...
Rockers: Gnu Park Pickle, LIb Tech Skate Banana, Burton Hero, Burton Joystick.
Regular Camber: Capita Stairmaster Extreme, Burton Custom, Burton Love, Rome Graft
I can't get real specific because I don't know you're personal board preferences. The boards listed above are ones I've either ridden and liked, or know someone who has ridden and liked the board... like friends or people I run into on the hill. You'll have to take your personal preferences and start comparing different model boards. Do you like a stiff or soft board? Wide or narrow? That kind of thing. Hope this helps.
PS Always remember, the most expensive board on the shelf isn't necessarily the best one for you.

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You have to decide what type of riding you want to do. Justin is correct in saying that price is not always the best gauge for quality. You spend the majority of your time in the park/pipe. For pipe riding the board needs to be pretty responsive, for park you need a little of everything. Something has to give. The easy livin is based of a board that Burton had discontinued, the Un..inc. This was the best board ever made. The easy livin, however, is a great board. An amazing all around board. Kills the pipe, rides really well in powder and slays the park.
When it comes to camber/rocker, it is totally rider preference. I only ride camber, but that is just me. A lot of amazing riders ride rocker and it works for them. Figure out exactly what you like and find the board that can do that. You will not be sorry in purchasing the easy livin. Make sure you do get the right size. Since you are 14, its best to size up a bit so you can have the board for at least two seasons, if you think you'll grow.