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im going to make the switch from sking to...

im going to make the switch from sking to boarding this winter, im really interestedin this board, is it something that i can start out on? also im 6'3 84 kgs an 10.5 foot is a 158 right for me and will the width be ok?

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Its all depending on how big your bindings are? Seeing as you wear a 10.5 boot, you are able to fit into a M/L binding. So it's all depending on the waist width. You should be good seeing as the 155 has a waist width of 25.2cm and you will need to get atleast the 158 seeing as you are taller. Soooo the 158 should be a touch wider whitch would help your cause. Now if you go into a L/XL binding, you will not fit on this board. Your toes will be dragging and you dont want that. Also this a reverse camber board!!! So if you are used to reg camber, this will feel really loose and noodly. Ive talked to people and they have said that starting on a reverse camber board is WAY easier to learn on. I personally wouldnt know seeing as I learned on tradtional/posative camber boards. But the posatives in reverse camber is a more forgiving flex pattern, kinda feels like your board isn't even there(whitch isn't fun for some), and more of a playful ride. But if you are making the transition from ski to board, you will have to learn from the basics anyways. Hope this helped

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Because you are a 10.5, you will be in a large binding for sure. The other comment about reverse camber being easy to learn on is right. These boards are a lot more forgiving and will make the transition easier. The Hero is super soft, It is made to be a jib board for rails an boxes, if this is what you eventually want to get into then this board is perfect. If not, then you could check out the Burton Duce which is an awesome entry level board.