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im sick of breaking bindings and warping...

im sick of breaking bindings and warping baseplates and destroying ratchets.
are these pretty durable bindings? im looking for something bombproof.
also heard these were kinda heavy. your thoughts?

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Hey, I'm huge on ratchets, I've returned what would otherwise be a good binding because ratchets weren't up to par. These have solid ratchets and easy to operate with the bulkiest of gloves. I'd also like to say these are not heavy at all, have plenty of adjustability and can withstand 100+ days of abuse. Rome has milled out the aluminum portion of the binding to reduce weight but stay solid. If they do break by chance, Rome and Dogfunk both will not give you any run around to either replacing your money or the bindings. Seriously, you'll be hyped on these, I wouldn't have answered this question if I didn't think so.

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Rome used to have great bindings but it seems at least with the ones i've used lately that they are not that good... These bindings are heavy cinder blocks and their durability is not as good as it should be for the cost, my last pair lasted me 2 weeks and i finally ditched them because i got sick of the buckles breaking. These bindings are all looks if your looking for something thats bombproof go with union, union forces are good as an all around binding and the contacts are good for park only riding, both are much lighter than romes and all union's bindings are bombproof

Dogfunk is great about helping you out if your gear breaks but its still a pain in the a-- when your gear breaks on the mountain and your day is ruined. Trust me, if you want reliable, bombproof bindings get union, you won't be dissapointed

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They are a lil weighty, but maybe you need to go the opposite, go less durable and more flexible.
Try some Triads,or... Burton Exiles.
They are decently weighted and have durabilty without cutting the flexibilty in half.

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The 390's aren't heavy. I ride a 59 Rome Machine with 390s and my board is longer and wider and my setup is noticeably lighter than all my friends boards. Board and bindings weigh 11.6lbs.
Lovin these bindings! It's true the high back adjuster is a little tough to adjust, but I rarely change it and it's never moved without me moving it. The rubberband thing that holds the strap back is sweet and they are retardedly adjustable.